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DMC H | Horizontal Machining Centres - DMC 80 H linear


 Machine  Control Year No.
DMC 80 H linear Siemens
Sinumerik 840D powerline
3-D CNC control
2005 060106

   Horizontal Machining Centre
 Used machine > 5 years, geometrical within tolerance and working

Technical details

 Technical Data
 Feed rate longitudinal/transverse/vertical100000/100000/100000 mm/min
 Rapid traverse longitudinal/transverse/vertical100/100/100 m/min
 Working area 1
 Longitudinal810 mm
 Cross1050 mm
 Vertical810 mm
 Clamping SystemDIN 69872
 Floor space/Weight
 Dimensions (L x W x H)9,7 x 5,6 x 3,3 (9,7 x 6,8 x 3,3) m
 Weight approx.29400 Kg

Full protection cabin
 Direct measuring system
Direct path measuring system
 Main drive
 Drive power (100% DC)25 kW
 Drive power (40% DC)35 kW
 Speed range- 18000 rpm
 Spindle taperSK 40 DIN 69871
 Prod. package 40 bar/23 l/min
Production package 40 bar/23 l/min / 580 psi/6 gallon/min (theoretical pump performance) tank 900 l, rotating clear-view window, scraper flight conveyor coolant through spindle centre form AD
 NC rotary table with pallet changer
 Type of Measuring systemDirect measuring system
 Table surface630 x 630 mm
 Centre bore50 mm
 Maximum load (table centre)800 Kg
 Slot width14 mm
 Number of Slots6
 Distance between T-Slots100 mm
 Rotation speed max.4. Axis40 rpm
 4. Axes (swivelling range)360 x 0,001 degree
 Tool magazine,chain,60 pockets
Tool magazine chain magazine with 60 magazine pockets SK 40 or optionally chosen spindle taper
 Spray pistol 1 bar/30 l/min
Spray pistol with pump 1 bar/30 l/min 14.5 psi/7 gallon/min (theoretical pump performance)
 Electronic handwheel
 Operation mode 4
Operation mode 4 "Process monitoring in the production" Manual intervention with open doors of machining area Release after completed check list
 Preparation for Infrared measuring probe Renishaw
Preparation Infrared measuring probe Renishaw
 Signal lamp 4 colours